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A Status Report on the Mariners and Mariner Juniors

A Status Report on the Mariners and Mariner Juniors
December 2020

Where we go one: we go all — pass it on!

 Proud recipients of the Great Republic at AMR 2019

From SCST President Jim “Skip” Wehan
Dear Friends,

In August, I appealed for your financial help.  You responded with overwhelming generosity!  I can not thank you enough.

We are confident that should the shutdown by the County be over by the opening of the Fall Season in nine months, all of the vessels and equipment will be intact.  You, our donors and benefactors have made this possible.

The pandemic has been harsh.  Take a look at the picture above.  Trophy in hand, quartermaster recipients in their midst, this group of teenagers represented the height of a very successful program.  The lock down by the County, so well justified yet so detrimental, ended all meetings, in-person instruction, racing, cruising, training and competitions.  Celebrations such as a Quartermaster Ceremony for Hannah Carter who was elected Ship Boatswain only to see her time of leadership end with the Lockdown did not take place.  Seniors aged out of the program without fanfare.  Recruiting became basically nonexistent.  Through it all, devoted adults have taught zoom classes, maintained the vessels, paid the bills, filed the reports, and supervised the sea base for limited sailing.  Youths and adults are committed to rebuilding when the opportunity presents itself

All that the program has suffered is nothing compared to the human suffering.  So many deaths.  So many first responders and medical staff overwhelmed by the need to help so many.  So many government leaders vilified for trying to keep us safe.  We give heartful thanks to all including all those whose jobs require them to be out in the general public each day.

My wife, Barbara and I are fortunate to be able to avoid others to a great extent.  Four in our extended family have gotten the virus, recovering with no apparent long lasting effects.  So far, I have not heard of other Mariners or their families suffering from the virus.  However each day the news gets grimmer with new records of infections and deaths.  The vaccines are coming.  This nightmare will end.  We pray that all of you will stay safe until we can all be vaccinated.

By the time, vaccinations against Covid, make it possible for the Lock down to be lifted, another group of seniors will have graduated.  A much smaller group of Mariners and Mariner Juniors will be left to start anew.  .The preparation of the budget for 2021 is in process.  With only zoom meetings, classes and limited afternoon sailing on dinghies, it is difficult to ask much in dues.

The bottom line is this.  Your past generosity has made it possible to survive the Pandemic intact with its vessels and equipment.  Your continuing generosity will make it possible to keep offering youth as much as the Lockdown will allow.  When it ends, rebuilding will take time.  We will succeed!  Where we go one, we continue to go all and to pass it on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Fair winds and following seas,
Jim “Skip” Wehan

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