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Mariners Spring 2021 Season Plan


  • Quartermaster: Jeff Johnson will be teaching
  • Able 3 and Able 3_2
  • Able 2 will be held at a TBD home at 6:30 Wednesday for nine classes starting on Feb 10. Four of the classes will be on one of the big boats, we will go out for a two-hour cruise.
  • Able 3_2 is for the Mariners who took Able 3 last season. We will continue with charting for three classes then start out of class Quarter Master requirements as Electricity and Celestial Navigation.
  • Able 1: Ruth will be teaching. All classes will be outdoors, either on the boats or at a fire pit at the beach. Night sailing cruses will be included.
  • Ordinary 2: James will be teaching. Combination of Zoom and on night cruses on the big boats.
  • Ordinary 1: Spencer will be teaching. All classes are on the big boats.
  • Apprentice: Derek will be teaching. Combination of Zoom and on night cruises on the big boats.
  • Swabby: Swabby will be open to all. John Fellner and Ruth will be running swabby, Adult volunteers are welcome to join.
  • Mariners Jr.: Shannon will be teaching. Combination od Zoom and one day cruise.

Saturday Sail

Sunday morning class will be taught by Logan.
Open sail in the afternoon. Alex will be in charge; adult volunteers are needed.


We will have two day sailing events instead of Winter cruise and Presidents day weekend cruise.


We will form teams and elect a Boatswain and Boatswain mates. We may use the boatswain from a year ago since the season was lost. When Orange county is no longer in the State of California Covin-19 Purple Category practice will start in small groups, <=10 plus the adults. Two teams at a time at the harbor in different locations.


Quarterdeck and leadership training will be held on Zoom two meetings.

If AMR is Cancelled

If AMR is cancelled, John will plan a Catalina trip using the Catalina Express if we have more Mariners than the boats can accommodate. In that case we will stay at the campground.

Mariners Sail

Saturday afternoon from 1 to 5 we will sail the big boats for the afternoon twice during the season.


KN95 masks will be provided, all Mariners and volunteers are required to wear the mask at all times.

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