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The Cvengros Scholarship committee wants to make you aware of an important financial opportunity offered exclusively to HS Seniors in good standing of Mariners Ship 936.


Christopher William Cvengros was a very active, dedicated member of the Mariners Sea Scouts in Dana Point for 5 years. His tragic death on December 15, 1996, shocked and saddened the close-knit community of young people that shared with him a love of the sea and all things nautical while nurturing care and love for the other shipmates.

In loving memory of their son Chris, his parents, Bill and Joan Cvengros have established a $10,000 college scholarship to be awarded each year to a qualifying applicant. The scholarships will benefit those youth who like Chris have spent years as Mariners Sea Scouts pursuing a better knowledge and enjoyment of the sea as well as developing an emphasis on safety. Each scholarship will be awarded in equal installments over four years providing the awardees continue to show academic success by maintaining an overall grade of at least 2.5. The funds set aside for the 2024 scholarship will expire after 2030, even if the four-year college program hasn’t been finished by then.

The Cvengros Scholarship committee wants to make you aware of an important financial opportunity offered exclusively to High School Seniors in good standing order of Mariners Ship 936.

The annual scholarship application consists of two parts. The first part is an essay covering the candidate’s views on safety, love of others and leadership. The views and actions on safety around the water being paramount. The second part is the application form which captures an evaluation of the level of participation on various levels of activities (Mariners’ and non-Mariners’) and includes the ‘official transcripts’ of the 7 (seven) HS semesters. The essay is weighted at 50% of the total maximum points.

Guidelines for the Application

1) The applicant shall submit the completed application form no later than Sunday April 7th at 20:00 hrs.

Accompanying the application shall be an essay written by the applicant in keeping with the guidelines prescribed in the application form. As well as the ‘official transcripts’, issued by the HS administration, of your 7 High School semesters.

2) The applicant must be a current member, in good standing, of the Mariners 936 of Dana Point and of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

3) The applicant must be contemplating full-time enrollment in an accredited college, university or vocational school.

4) The applicant must provide a copy of a valid/current First Aid/CPR certification.

Guidelines for Selection

1) All applications received on a timely basis will be reviewed by a committee of adult advisors.

2) The committee shall forward all satisfactory applications to Mr. and Mrs. Cvengros. The Committee shall attach additional information to the applications as deemed appropriate.

3) Promoting safety at sea is of paramount interest to the Cvengros Family. Applicants are urged, in their essay, to relate ways in which they have trained, promoted and experienced success in developing water safety standards. The Mariners Program stresses the love of others. Applicants are encouraged to relate ways in which they have understood this philosophy through their actions within Sea Scouting and their service to the community.

4) A final determination to award a scholarship, the selection of the recipient(s) and the amount to be awarded shall be made each year by Mr. and Mrs. Cvengros.

Guidelines for Award

1) The award is scheduled to be announced at the Spring Season’s Bridge of Honor on June 2nd 2024.

2) To be eligible for the annual installments, a recipient must maintain an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.

3) Each semester, after the successful completion of the recipient’s academic (*) grade requirement, the recipient(s) shall submit official transcripts to the Cvengros family’s designated administrator for evaluation and payout.

4) The funds set aside for the 2024 scholarship will expire after 2030, even if the four-year college program hasn’t been finished by then.

(*) The Scholarship is applicable to any domestic, as well as international, accredited College, University, Academy or Vocational School.

To the Applicant

Please submit the official 2024 application together with your essay and transcripts. E-mail a scanned copy of the application, your essay, transcripts, and copy of CPR/FA license to Peter Haenebalcke by no later than Sunday, April 7th 2024 at 20:00 and also mail to Peter a hard copy of all required documents to arrive no later than Saturday, April 13th. For all additional information and or questions please contact Peter directly.

Guidelines for the Essay

The essay is the most important part of your application. It should be your expression of the reasons that you believe set you apart from the other candidates who are applying for the Cvengros Scholarship. The Cvengros Family established the scholarships to benefit those youth

In writing the essay, relate who you are, your achievements in all areas of your life, your experiences in Sea Scouting and your desire to promote water safety. Be sure to indicate your future plans especially plans for college, and the function that the scholarship would play in carrying out your plans.

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention

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List of the past RECIPIENTS:

The 2023 recipient:

Congratulations to Rachel Ward, the 2023 recipient of the CVENGROS SCHOLARSHIP! This was announced at the Bridge of Honor of June 3 2023.


Sage Brislen: 2022

Olivia Atkins: 2021

Hannah Carter: 2020

Mabel Keeler: 2019

Lily Maranto: 2018

Michelle Luna: 2017

Ryan Clark: 2016

Helen Payne: 2015

Josh Johnson: 2014

William Cox: 2013

Dylan Delprado: 2012

Noel Peake: 2011

Jeremy Robinson: 2010

Alyssa Salem: 2009

Derek Dillahunty and Leah Donohue shared the award: 2008

Serena Madison: 2007 (the first year of the Cvengros scholarship)