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Merit Badge Weekend at Dana Point Harbor

Small boat sailing merit badge in dana point, ca

Saturday June 29th – SMALL BOAT SAILING MERIT BADGE CLASS (9am to 4pm)


Participants will learn how to properly rig a sailboat, navigate using wind direction and strength, and safely maneuver a boat in various conditions. They will also learn about the different parts of a sailboat, how to control the sails, and how to steer the boat using the tiller or wheel.

Safety is a key component of the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge, with participants learning about the importance of wearing a life jacket, proper communication between crew members, and how to respond to emergencies such as capsizing or getting caught in a storm. Participants will also learn about the importance of respecting other boats on the water and following right of way rules.

Above all, participants will develop a love and appreciation for the beauty and freedom of sailing. Whether they are racing against the wind or peacefully gliding across a calm lake, the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge offers individuals the opportunity to experience the thrill and tranquility of sailing firsthand.

Small Boat Sailing Merit badge workbook can be found here


Sunday June 30th – MOTOR BOATING MERIT BADGE CLASS (1-4pm)


To earn the Motorboating Merit Badge, Scouts will need to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in several areas. They will start by learning about the different types of motorboats and motors, including outboard, inboard, and stern drive engines. Scouts will become familiar with the parts and basic maintenance of a motorboat, such as checking fuel levels, inspecting the propeller, and understanding how to start and stop the engine safely.

Scouts will also learn about the various types of personal floatation devices (PFDs) and their importance in boating safety. They will be taught how to select the appropriate PFD for different situations, how to properly fit and wear a PFD, and how to make sure PFDs are in good working condition.

In addition to boat and equipment knowledge, Scouts will also learn about boating safety rules and laws. They will become familiar with the navigation rules for different waterways, understand the importance of practicing conservation efforts while boating, and learn about the potential risks and hazards of boating. Scouts will also be required to explain the local rules and laws that apply to recreational boating in their communities, such as speed limits, restricted areas, and registration requirements.

Once Scouts have acquired the necessary knowledge, they will have the opportunity to put it into practice through hands-on experience. They will learn how to launch and retrieve a motorboat from a trailer, practice basic boating maneuvers such as docking, turning, and reversing, and demonstrate their ability to handle the boat safely in different weather and water conditions.

Overall, the Motorboating Merit Badge provides Scouts with a comprehensive introduction to motorboats and boating safety. By earning this badge, Scouts will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the open waters safely and responsibly, making them capable and confident boaters.

Motor Boating Merit badge workbook found here

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