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Dana Point Mariners Take Home Sea Scouts Award

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Dana Point Mariner Sea Scouts demonstrated their maritime skills at the Sea Scout Rendezvous, allowing the local teens to take home a Clipper Award for their success in the events.

The group of 29 teenagers who were a part of the Mariner program competed with peers from across California in the three-day Sea Scout event at San Pedro. The Mariners were split into teams led by Dana Point resident Keane Hana and Newport Beach resident Rachel Ward.

Leading the Mariners through competition was really uplifting and rewarding, Ward said in an email. After months of training, the whole ship not only did their best but completed each challenge with skill and remarkable teamwork, and we had fun doing it. I was really, really proud of what we all accomplished.

In preparation for the competition, Mariners spent the last two months learning, training and practicing their skills ”ultimately, taking first place in seven trials and second place in 13 of the 21 trials.

The Dana Point Mariner Sea Scouts recently competed with peers from across California in the three-day Sea Scout Rendezvous at San Pedro, where they earned the Clipper Award for demonstrating maritime skills. Photo: Courtesy of Arelene Kiani

Leading the Mariners, it fell upon me to develop the skills of others in the program, Hana said in an email. By the end of our season, I understood that as long as we worked hard and had fun, we would have a successful competition regardless of our score.

At the Fall Rendezvous, the Mariners demonstrated their skills in swimming, climbing a line and navigating and operating power, sail and rowing vessels.

The Dana Point Sea Scout unit was started by Jim Wehan, skipper of the Spirit of Dana Point more than 30 years ago as a coed boating program for youth aged 14-18. The program aims to develop the Mariners™ knowledge in boating so that they can be confident when handling sailboats of all sizes.

Wehan said he could not be prouder of what the Mariners achieved in competition this year.

It was awesome to watch Rachel and Keane take their teams to incredible success at the competition, Wehan said in an email.

Breeana Greenberg – Dana Point Times – December 2nd, 2022

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