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A Status Report on December 2019

A Status Report

on the Mariners and Mariner Juniors
December 2019

Where we go one: we go all — pass it on!

Youths served:
Spring Season    19 Mariner Juniors    63 Mariners
Fall Season         18 Mariner Juniors    52 Mariners

Honors achieved

           Spring Season  AMR – Top Ship among all participants from Western
Recipient of the coveted “Great Republic” award
Fall Season      Rendezvous – Top Ship among all participants from
Western States
Recipient of the coveted “Clipper” award

We maintained or improved all instructional programs, cruises,
competitions, maintenance, and community outreach.

We greatly improved the Saturday Sailing Instruction and
extended large vessel instruction to include square-rigged sailing
utilizing the Californian, the Irving Johnson and the Exy Johnson

Our evaluation, the program is more exceptional than ever!!!

Dear Friends,

It has been a difficult year from the standpoint of community support.  In the Spring, the Ocean Institute decided that the Sea Scouts were no longer welcome.  The only reason given was that we might interfere with one of their programs; not that we ever had.  As a result, training on “climbing a line”, “Boatswain Chair” and “Breeches Buoy” is now done at my home.  Training on “Flotilla” and “Pulling Boat” are done with broomsticks at the OC Sailing and Event Center (OCS&EC).  Training on “climbing aloft” is done on a tall ship in San Pedro at LAMI.  Among everything else, we were denied the use of the OI auditorium for our year-end ceremonies.  Fortunately, Kurt Bjorkman, a parent and general manager of the “Ranch at Laguna Beach” allowed us to have our Bridge of Honor and Quartermaster Ceremonies at his beautiful facility at no cost.

Five weeks prior to Long Cruise last summer, a 17-year annual program on the Spirit of Dana Point, OI abruptly canceled the cruise.  Fortunately, the San Diego Maritime Museum, (SDMM) and at the Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI) offered their tall ships for our use.  We chose to go on the Californian last summer and are planning to go on the Exy Johnson next summer.  The OI had been so wonderfully supportive under the guidance of the former CEO Dan Stetson, himself a former Sea Scout and a licensed captain.  The SDMM gave us an excellent rate last summer but considerably higher than we were scheduled to pay OI.  The OI recently gave us their “rock bottom price” for next summer should we wish to again schedule the Spirit of Dana Point.  The amount was $49,000; up from $10,800.  The LAMI is offering their vessel at the rate of $21,400.  We have contracted with them.  This rate, however, will require us to double the fee for Long Cruise from $750 a youth to $1,500.

The good news is that despite the withdrawal of community support by OI, we have surmounted all obstacles including the providing of a wonderful and memorable long cruise.  Our training programs continue to produce outstanding results.

The decrease in community support was not restrained to the OI.  The County has no longer made it possible for us or anyone to use the rooms of the OCS&EC after 8:00 pm.  At 8:00 pm, they shutter the rooms including the bathrooms.  Fortunately, they did allow the summer tarps over the picnic tables to stay in place for the duration of our Fall season.  With the purchase of powerful LED lights, we conducted our adult adviser taught classes to continue on picnic tables.  It was cold but only rained on one of the nights.  In January, the county leased off a portion of the docks and the ground under two of our sheds.  So far the new owners have not required any changes.  The OCS&EC continues to deteriorate under County control.  It is quite conceivable that the facility may yet be leased to investors along with “Baby Beach” and the OI.

The financial support of our donors and the temporal support of our adult advisers remain firm and constant.  However at this time, when you are considering the end of the year donations, we ask that you take a second look at us.  We are facing large fee increases for BSA membership, for use of the tall ships and potentially for the usage of the buildings, storage lots and docks.  The replacement of the engine on the vessel, Mariner is a considerable financial drain.  The building of a pulling boat to replace the loss of the OI small rowing boats and the need for training with broomsticks remains an improbable dream.

At this time, we wish you and your loved ones a very healthy and happy holiday season.  We thank you for your past support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Jim  “Skip”  Wehan

General Fund
Provides for maintenance of equipment, limit on dues, limit on overall fees and work scholarships
Pulling Boat
Goal: $18,000    Raised to Date: $761
Mariner rebuilt engine
Goal: $6,000       Raised to date:  $1,157
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